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Independent girls - Anderssons is a proud corporate friend of the children's rights organization Erikshjälpen


Erikshjälpen is a children's rights organisation whose slogan is "For the children. And the world they dream of." Erikshjälpen's vision is "A changed world where children's dreams come to life" They work to strengthen and help children locally and globally.

This is something that the Anderssons are happy to support. We therefore have a collaboration with Erikshjälpen, and support, among other things, their theme area Independent Girls. This includes, among other things, projects for "Work against trafficking in Cambodia and Laos", "Relocatable schools in Bangladesh that protect against marriage", and "Menstrual protection and work against female genital mutilation in Kenya". These projects are something we at Anderssons think feels good to support because they protect girls from being exploited, and strengthen their opportunities for education.

By supporting Erikshjälpen's and girls' rights in society, Andersson is contributing to the global 2030 goals 4. Quality education for all, 5. Gender equality is being achieved, which we think is very good.

Read more about Erikshjälpen's work.

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