Anderssons Mekaniska is a manufacturing company based in the famous Gnosjö Region – a region in constant expansion, known for its dynamic entrepreneurship.


Leif Andersson started his company, Anderssons Mekaniska, in Skillingaryd at the end of the 60s. The company has remained at the same address since the outset, but the premises have been modernised and extended a couple of times. Today, Anderssons Mekaniska is run by the second generation of the family. 

Anderssons Mekaniska has customers throughout Europe. Many of our customers use us as their total supplier. The earlier we are involved in the process, the more we can bring to the manufacturing phase, with an improved end product as a result! 

Anderssons Mekaniska seeks challenges and projects that require a high level of commitment and expertise. We are a flexible company and endeavour to establish a close working relationship with our customers.



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